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NOVA Initiative

Nicotine & Vape Awareness

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In the Classroom
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About NOVA Initiative

Inspiring Change

At NOVA Initiative, we’re dedicated to providing educational programs that cater to individuals of all ages regarding the dangers of nicotine & e-cigarettes. Our research-supported educational program is developed in collaboration with the Mendez Laboratory at UTEP, aimed at delivering in-depth scientific knowledge in an interactive and adaptable way. We believe that the best way to create leaders in youth is by educating and empowering them with current and relevant information. With this, we strive in taking steps towards a vape-free community.

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Our Movement

What We Stand For


NOVA Initiative is built on a community of scientific researchers that work on studying the effects of nicotine vapor exposure on the brain and behavior. By having access to up-to-date scientific evidence, we can provide important information to our community.


We seek out and encourage those who want to make a change in the community. Our Ambassadorship program helps individuals learn how to coordinate events, presentations, and be an example when it comes to nicotine & vape prevention.


We believe that with a healthy mind, and healthy body, individuals can strive for success in several ways. We want to promote this message of implementing healthy habits through community activities, engagement opportunities and chances to express creativity!

Advances for Future Generations

We strive for a nicotine-free community

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